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Back in 2017, two of our editors (who were slightly obsessed with YouTube), sensed a void in the space. Many of us, bitten by the passion bug for more exciting content, ditched our mainstream TV & film roles and set the stage for Replayed. Let's face it: creating content solo is like binge-watching a trending series alone; thrilling, but imagine the buzz when there's a crew to debate the plot holes with!

Zoom ahead a few calendar flips (or more than half a decade, if we're counting), and our drive hasn't waned a bit. We're consistently building tech tools for creators, editing everything from deep-fried memes to heart-tugging tales, to reignite that passion to share content you're stoked about.

What makes this even better is our Replayed app. Built from the ground up with YouTuber workflows in mind! It lets you keep an eye on progress, drop revisions, and blast your creations onto YouTube with a mere double-tap (yes, seriously, even your descriptions are auto-written for you).

What's our secret sauce?

Navigating the vast world of editors is tricky, but we've cracked the code. We scour every nook and cranny, seeking editors with a zest for YouTube and personalities that pop. Our blend of expert eyes and a sprinkle of AI genius ensures you're paired with the best fit. It's what we do every day!

Let's make things happen! Dive in, link up with your dream squad on the spot, and the cherry on top? It's totally free with no commitments.