How does our video editing service work?

Here is a quick breakdown

Ali Korsan

Honestly, it’s so simple!

  1. Sign up on our app to get the ball rolling

  2. Then our algorithm will match you with the best editor by scanning your content. A producer will also verify the match to make sure the editors know exactly what your needs are. So far, every creator has said that the match could not have been any better, it's truly magical. We are so confident that you'll love the edit, in the unlikey event that you dont, then you wont need to pay a single penny!

  3. Our app will allow you to upload the footage and do a bunch of cool stuff like review the delivery by asking for changes, test for demonetisation, and publish to YouTube with one click. Once we get the footage, the editor will deliver the cut, if you are not happy with the final cut, you don’t have to pay!

    You are free to ask for changes, and your dedicated team is just a text away!

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